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The Atelier Condo’s President, Daniel Neiditch, has stood for decades as one of New York City’s top real estate professionals. Along with running the Atelier, Neiditch and his agency River 2 River Realty oversee more than a billion dollars in holdings across the greater NYC area. Neiditch’s business concerns go deeper than accumulating properties, as he finds the greatest satisfaction in providing a level of service offered nowhere else.

Reaching success in the competitive NYC market means meeting some of the highest standards in the country. Neiditch has continually done so while exceeding even the greatest expectations for customized luxury service. The Atelier’s sky-high level of care and comfort comes thanks to an intense dedication to providing excellent quality service for all residents.

A graduate of Boston University’s School of Management, Daniel Neiditch has been a student of the real estate trade for his entire life. Growing up in a family steeped in property management and development has meant that his work and passion are thoroughly informed by his lifelong involvement in the business, and Neiditch expertly applies those years of experience to the unique character of New York.

A lifelong New Yorker, Dan Neiditch uses his city-centric expertise to bring a wide array of customers into the world of fine living at their desired level of comfort. For those who demand the best that this city has to offer, the Atelier represents one of the highest peaks of luxury lifestyle in the area.

Daniel Neiditch has also set himself apart as a pioneer in environmentally-friendly housing. The Atelier Condo is home to the highest residential solar array in the country, towering high among the skyscrapers of midtown. Neiditch has written extensively about the benefits of solar power for real estate entrepreneurs, and the Atelier stands as a monument to this dedication. Residents can not only say they’re in one of the most luxurious buildings in the city, but one of the most eco-conscious, as well.

In his spare time Neiditch is particularly focused on eradicating homelessness. As a child, he saw the painful reality of homelessness and financial insecurity take its toll on his friends and neighbors. Today, he strives to connect those experiencing homelessness with medical care, jobs, and housing. Several years ago, Neiditch even went undercover and lived on the streets for three days to gain a first-person understanding of how it feels to be without shelter and support. He is working with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to find a solution to help the homeless population in New York and beyond with his innovative ideas to create jobs and housing.

As the preferred luxury realtor of noted celebrities — including Ed Harris, Dania Ramirez, Michael Douglas, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Brenneman and Hillary Duff — Daniel Neiditch collaborates with his expansive network to expand his philanthropic reach and amplify awareness for worthy causes. Neiditch has been a personal guest of honor in the home of Michael J. Fox for his support of the adaptive sports foundation, an organization that provides life-changing experiences for children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Neiditch’s philanthropic partnerships have drawn considerable media attention and facilitated significant charitable impact. For example, Daniel Neiditch held a celebrity boxing match atop one of his Midtown residential buildings with heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. Holyfield’s signed boxing gloves were put up for charity auction; by the end of the match, the pair had raised over $100,000 for autism awareness.

Neiditch also had a boxing match with the legend Sugar Ray Leonard to support childhood diabetes in Los Angeles. In addition, he was honored by the  Shaquille O’Neal foundation for his support by walking down the red carpet with Shaq during the premiere of his HBO documentary. Billy Crystal honored Neiditch for his support of the Drama League backstage at his Broadway Show, Mr. Saturday Night.

Daniel Neiditch has also been heavily involved with Room to Grow, a nonprofit which offers structured coaching, material goods, and community connections to support parents and children alike. He has collaborated with actors Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman to host Room to Grow’s annual benefit. Most recently, he helped adapt the event to a virtual format when COVID-19 would have otherwise made an in-person fundraiser impossible. Neiditch also supported the Say Organization, which helps children with stuttering issues as a VIP and had a private bowling event with Ant Man actor Paul Rudd to raise money.

Neiditch also notably hosted the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC) fundraiser with artist Jeff Koons, and was a host for the Montclair Film’s annual fundraiser and was on stage with Stephen Colbert and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in front of a 3000-person crowd. Neiditch was an honorary guest three times at the Israel Day Parade for his tremendous support of Israel and was honored by driving his one-of-a-kind Lamborghini down the parade route.

Daniel Neiditch is also heavily involved with Literacy Partners, an adult education nonprofit dedicated to strengthening NYC families through increased literacy. He is a regular contributor to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and has also supported the Ryan Seacrest foundation together with the Jonas brothers. Neiditch has traveled to Africa to help underserved populations and is a longtime contributor to the Clinton Foundation and The Bush Foundation. He has also contributed to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, initially founded in response to the destructive earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Neiditch is the chairman of the board for the Max Alexander Foundation, which helps underprivileged communities in Africa by building schools and giving supplies needed to educate the youth there.  Neiditch was an honored guest backstage at Shania Twain’s concert in Madison Square Garden for this support of Shania Kids can which helps underprivileged and abused children with economic , social and personal sufferings.

Neiditch has been honored 5 times to throw out the first pitch at Major League Baseball games by the Minnesota TwinsBoston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals for his tremendous support in those local communities to help the underserved population. Neiditch believes sports can be a powerful tool in philanthropy. Neiditch was honored backstage by late show host Seth Meyers at NBC studio for supporting the Chris Everett Foundation, which helps children in need from drug-addicted families. He also supported the 1 in 6 Foundation with acting legend Anthony Edwards to spread the word for men who have been sexually assaulted as children to get their stories out and save others by heightening awareness. Neiditch was an honored guest and walked the red carpet at the 2023 Drama League awards with Grammy winner Josh Groban and other stars such as Jessica Chastain & Ben Platt. Neiditch and Groban help young artists in underprivileged communities get the chance to start in the music industry.  Daniel Neiditch donated money to support scholarships for underprivileged students in the Bronx with the support of the NY Yankess Harrison Bader and Aaron Judge.  Neiditch has worked with actor Lou Diamond Phillips who is on the board of Governors for the Academy of motion pictures with their mutual support of the ACLU.  Neiditch was honored speaker at a celebrity golf event for the Boys and Girls Club with NY Giants Saquon Barkley and other NFL players.

Daniel Neiditch serves New York as an on-call chief emergency first responder and an Honorary Fire Chief for New York State. He is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and is an active contributor to Entrepreneur and SCORE NYC, the nonprofit mentorship arm of the Small Business Association. He firmly believes nonprofits can be powerful allies to local governments if given a chance.

No matter who he’s helping, Daniel Neiditch approaches all tasks with the passion and zeal that has taken him to the top of his industry. As President of the Atelier, he has set the building apart as the foremost location for luxury living in the cultural capital of the world. What’s made this success possible is the care he brings to every interaction. As Daniel himself will tell you, it’s not about making big deals, but the relationships that comprise them.